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75 Ball Bingo

If you live in the US then you will no doubt be aware what 75 Ball Bingo is all about, as this is one of the, if not the most popular Bingo game played in America.

If you do not live in the States then you may be blissfully unaware of what 75 Ball Bingo has to offer, so we thought we would put together the following 75 Ball Bingo guide to help you get a much better understanding of how this great online Bingo game works and plays.

To begin with the game of 75 Ball Bingo uses all of the Bingo balls number from one to seventy five and once each number is called off you simply mark it off your Bingo ticket.

A 75 Ball Bingo ticket has 25 numbers up on it, these are in a grid format with 5 columns of five numbers in each. The middle number is a free number so you can mark it off your Bingo ticket without any number having to be called out.

Due to this unique grid format that each 75 Ball Bingo card has this means that there are a huge number of different playing patterns that can be played for in each 75 Ball Bingo game.

The most common type of Bingo patterns that you will be playing for when you play 75 Ball Bingo is any line across, down, upwards, downwards or indeed the four corner numbers.

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