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80 Ball Bingo

Not many new online Bingo variants come online, however recently has seen the launched of a brand new Bingo game and this is the game of 80 Ball Bingo and it is proving to be very popular with experienced online Bingo players.

There are two major differences between this Bingo game and the other two that are available and this is that 1, the games are very much quicker to play and 2. the Bingo tickets are unique.

Each 80 Ball Bingo ticket has just 16 numbers printed upon it and these are in a four collown by four row format with, you guessed it four numbers in each column/row.

The reasons the game plays out oso rapidly is that you only need to get four numbers to win a single line 80 Ball Bingo game, so this is an ideal Bingo variant to play if you don't like hanging around and soon want to know if you are a Bingo winner or not!

As you would expect playing 80 Ball Bingo needn't be an expensive experience as you can find 80 Ball Bingo cards and tickets on sale for just a few cents each so playing thie form of online Bingo shouldn't ever break the bank!

All of the usual Bingo ball nick names and terms and saying also come into play in 80 Ball Bingo so therefore it won't baffle you when you first sit down to play it.

All of the online Bingo sites we have listed on our website let you play 80 Ball Bingo and it is worth checking them out as they all offer a free welcome Bingo bonus to help you give your Bingo budget a very welcome boost.

One online Bingo site that we highly recommend you check out is South Beach Bingo they have loads of 80 Ball Bingo games running through out the day and night and all new players can pick themselves up an extra special welcome Bingo bonus that will allow them to play 80 Ball Bingo for longer.